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Headmaster’s Message

About us

I feel that Ascot is a school focused on having the students find a love of learning.

Through a love of learning students can do anything. They ask questions and challenge the norm.   Helping students find out what they want to do and achieving their goals for the future, That is Ascot.

From the Headmaster . . .

Welcome to our school and our website.

Ascot started in January 2018. In the years to follow we have grown in population and size of campus. we now have a primary and secondary building and a full pitch and gym. We aquired approximatly 2 hectares of forest land near our school. 
We are a certified Cambridge international school and we have just received our WASC accreditation. We focus on environmental awareness and science as well as developing a love of learning in our students.
We would like our students to be  multilingual but also multicultural. They should know why they should communicate in certain ways to different people. We would like them to understand the cultures of the languages that they study so they can fit into the world of diversity. We are also aware that we are educating young learners who take on the responsibilities of the future.
There are a variety of learning styles, and children learn at their own pace.  We have small class sizes so students can receive the individualized instruction they deserve. We have a balance between new technology, devices and approaches as well as exploring and finding answers in our environment. What works best is different for each student, and this will enable each student to not only understand what to learn but also understand how to learn. We would like to instill a love of learning so that students will be open-minded explorers of the unknown future ahead.
At Ascot, we strive to have students dream, think, and plan for their future. We strive for our students to learn the basics and then take their learning to one step ahead where they do not just ask questions but they find the answers to them on their own. I look forward to helping each student with their exciting journey through the learning process and hope to instill the love of learning that exists in me into all of them.
I look forward to seeing you at Ascot, and showing how Ascot can be the best place of learning,
Darrick Mosser