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Our Staff

The staff members in a school like Ascot are a prized asset. They have been hired for their love of working with students and for the critical mass of expertise and experience they bring to the job. Drawn from a range of countries, all international hires are native English speakers and many are bilingual. Our Japanese teachers are fully qualified and also bilingual.
Our administration and support staff are also an integral part of the school community, assisting in the smooth running of all operations, with the wellbeing and education of our students central to all their efforts too.

Darrick Mosser


Manami Matsubara

Daycare/Nursery Leader

Atsuko Mosser

Admissions Director
Head of Japanese

Ann Isaka

Office Administrator

Gareth Colhoun

Year 2 Teacher

Sonja Stoikovska

Reception Teacher

Shoko Takino

Teaching Assistant

Forum Doshi

Teaching Assistant

Ayako Osawa

Teaching Assistant

Teruo Miura

Ascot Football Academy Coach

Michitaka Fujii