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Summer School


Summer School Part 1 (June 26th– July 14th)
Summer School is aimed at Ascot Regular School Students, International Students and Students who are visiting families from abroad. It focuses on reinforcement and strengthening of the areas specific to each student. The subjects that are offered are English, Math and Sciences and nature study.  We will also have a Soccer lessons available as well as dance. iAll of this through Project-Based Learning, from Kindergarten through Year 6. We will be spending much of the time out and about campus and being hands on with our learning.

School English Intensive (July 24 –August 4th)

Summer School English Intensive is aimed at Students who go to Regular Japanese Elementary Schools. It focuses on establishing basic foundation of English in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills, as well as learning Soccer, ICT/Science, Nature Srtudies, and Art&Crafts. 

Daycare & Nursery
We will open Daycare & Nursery for students who are 3 years old from June 26th through August 4th. They will spend each day in the Nursery area and have a separate age-appropriate program from drawing and colouring to singing and dancing. When the weather is not too hot, students will go outside and play, whereas on rainy days they will stay inside and do some art activities. Please contact the office for fees.

Lunch Services
Lunch service is available or students can bring their lunch from home.
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